Engenda Group supports Faye Warrington and Camps International

For students, there are only a few times when they get a summer free from homework and coursework, allowing them to be free and enjoy the sunshine.  One such time is the summer after GCSE exams.  Some will spend it well and others, like Faye Warrington, will spend it very well.  Faye has joined Camps International and will be use her summer 2019 to go on expedition to Equador. 

Camps International work to better the quality of living for those less fortunate areas of the world, whilst focusing on restoring the natural environment.  For more information, please visit their website  https://campsinternational.com/ 

Faye and the team of volunteers will spend four weeks building educational facilities for children, working on a restoration project to re-forest a part of the Amazon rainforest, plus creating rescue homes for sea creatures affected by the destruction of coral reefs.

Engenda Group has joined with other companies to help fund the expedition.  We wish Faye and the team the very best of luck and cannot wait to see photos of their efforts.