COVID-19 Update

Engenda has and continues to communicate with its clients that in light of COVID-19, both parties where operational sites continue to be active for key services, must take all required and advisable steps to protect employees’ health and safety.

Additionally, both parties must continue to meet their legal obligations as employers to their employees including those related to COVID-19 arising under UK Government directives and recommendations during times when their facilities are closed as well as when they are legally permitted to resume operations.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Engenda continues to pay to all sub-contractors and suppliers the full negotiated price for all goods, both completed and in process.

With the ongoing disruptions to both accounts receivable and accounts payable across the industry, we are working with our customers and vendors to manage through this appropriately including engaging in a constant dialogue with our supply chain regarding the timing of payments owed to these vendors. This is a new and unfolding reality: a global health emergency that has caused a global economic crisis. These are exceptional circumstances where we believe that acting responsibly includes taking prudent financial measures and responsible fiduciary actions to protect the health of our business and through such actions, the array of stakeholders, including workers, communities and businesses in the global value chain of which we are at Engenda are a part. 

Over the next few months, we will continue to work with our clients and sub-contract service providers in an effort to mitigate COVID-19’s impact on all parties. Given the complexity and global nature of our industry’s supply chains, we also remain committed to ongoing dialogue with other stakeholders and industry organisations on these issues and on exploring additional means to support workers in, and the resiliency of, the industry sectors in which we operate and their supply chains in these unprecedented and uncertain times and in the future.

As of Monday (27th March) all Engenda staff were notified that they should plan to continue their current work-from-home status, and that they will be notified when the situation allows for them to return to their relevant regional offices. 

While it seems our physical doors are shut, our virtual doors are still open. Engenda have moved diligently to off-site working and many available services still remain open to our clients. You can reach out at, via LinkedIn, Skype, Teams or e-mail/telephone to your existing Engenda Group contact. With transferable COVID-19 procedures developed and in place across active sites, Engenda continue to function, just differently.

Finally, the health and safety of our colleagues and customers remains our top priority. We will continue to monitor the situation globally and as such make decisions on a basis necessary to protect our staff and customers, in accordance with government guidelines.  

Andrew Connor

Associate Director for Business Development