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3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is a quick and accurate technique which produces a vast amount of accurate setting out data in a short time. The scanner emits a laser which is capable of taking over one hundred thousand 3D measurements per second.

This creates a 3D point cloud containing millions of points in free space which is then used to generate a solid CAD model of the existing arrangement incorporating all services, steelwork, buildings, etc.

These examples [NEED  BIGGER IMAGES] show parts of scans performed along with 3D models generated from point cloud data. From the existing models, proposed routings and modifications were developed and final installation general arrangement drawings were generated.


3D PointCloud and CAD Modelling

Producing 3D CAD models of existing & proposed works is a cost effective way of identifying and resolving potential problems prior to the construction phase of a project.

Detailed installation general arrangement drawings and material lists can be easily generated from 3D models, utilising the 3D model as the source for drawing production ensures fully coordinate views created rapidly.

During the design development process, the 3D model is issued for review in a format which can be easily navigated using free downloadable viewing software.

The final model can be issued in the same format containing hyperlinks allowing the user to navigate the model freely and select equipment to view relevant data sheets, maintenance instructions, schedules, drawings, etc. All information being accessible from the 3D model.

In addition to producing 3D CAD models for design development and generation of installation drawings we utilise models to create fly-throughs & animations of equipment maintenance procedures and construction sequences.

To gather accurate site data for existing installations we also perform 3D laser scan surveys.

NEED BETTER IMAGES AS PER - http://hdl4cad.com/3d%20modelling.html


Flythroughs & Animations

In addition to generating fixed camera path fly-throughs of 3D models we also produce animations of equipment maintenance and operational procedures. Animations can be used for identifying and resolving problems with equipment maintenance procedures, construction sequencing, etc. as well as being a good tool for reference and training. Often when the final 'as built' model is complete and issued it is hyperlinked to animation files allowing users to roam models with free viewing software and select items to watch relevant procedures being performed.


LINKS TO http://hdl4cad.com/flythroughs%20&%20animations.html  BUT THESE ARE LOW RESOLUTION AND HAVE HOPE BRANDING. 1 OR 2 MODERN REPLACEMENTS?


Pipework  & Process. Scan to BIM

3D CAD modelling of existing and proposed pipework installations is often a quicker more accurate and cost effective way of developing designs and generating final arrangement & detailed drawings than conventional 2D draughting.

Advantages of producing 3D CAD models include the ability to perform full clash and coordination checks (including insulation clashes) as well as generating general arrangement drawings as required directly from the model along with fittings schedules.

From 3D models we also generate fly-throughs along with animations of equipment maintenance procedures and construction sequences, etc. identifying and resolving problems before the construction stage.

Smaller projects may not merit a 3D model, for these instances we also have an experienced 2D draughting section producing quality 2D CAD drawings


LINKS TO http://hdl4cad.com/pipework%20&%20process%20-%202.html   some more modern pipework replacements???


Building Services Coordination 3D CAD Models

Three storey building services coordination 3D CAD model

The images and drawings below are from a services coordination project which involved modelling and coordinating all aspects of the building structure including insulation, along with ductwork, pipework, traywork, etc. This project was particularly tight for space having very limited service routing areas above ceilings and in service ducts.

Once the arrangement had been developed & rationalised, installation general arrangement drawings were generated from the model for each service on all floors as well as plant areas located on the roof.

THIS IS A CASE STUDY - PROBABLY NEEDS REWRITTEN WITH NEW IMAGES - http://hdl4cad.com/building%20services%20-%201.html


Mechanical 2D and 3D CAD. Measure Twice - Cut Once.

As well as draughting 2D drawings of mechanical components we also produce 3D CAD models of arrangements, from which all component detail drawings are generated. Developing the design using a 3D CAD model highlights any problems in the early stages of the project minimising manufacturing costs.

Some examples of mechanical projects undertaken are listed below.

NEED SOME REPLACEMENTS FOR EXAMPLES HERE - http://hdl4cad.com/mechanical%20-%201.html


Electrical Schematic Diagrams and Building Services Layout Drawings

In addition to producing electrical building services layout drawings we are also experienced in producing all manner of electrical schematic diagrams, from electrical wiring schematics through to instrument loop diagrams, site cable routing layouts, block diagrams, etc.

These are a few examples of the varied electrical drawings produced.

NEED SOME REPLACEMENTS FOR THESE http://hdl4cad.com/electrical%20-%201.html




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