3D Laser Scanning, CAD Modelling & Plant Co-ordination

Engenda Group offer the provision of 3D laser scanning and plant co-ordination, as part of the EPC division function following the acquisition of Hope Draughting and subsequent integration into the design arm of the business.

This engineering drawing and 3D modelling facility offers the capability of detailed installation drawings and the co-ordination of intelligent 3D CAD models in addition to site based 3D laser scan surveys allowing the development of accurate point cloud data to produce 3D models of the environment surveyed.

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is a quick and accurate technique which produces a vast amount of accurate setting out data in a short time. The scanner emits a laser which is capable of taking over one hundred thousand 3D measurements per second.

This creates a 3D point cloud containing millions of points in free space which is then used to generate a solid CAD model of the existing arrangement incorporating all services, steelwork, buildings, etc.


3D PointCloud and CAD Modelling

Producing 3D CAD models of existing & proposed works is a cost-effective way of identifying and resolving potential problems prior to the construction phase of a project. To gather detailed base information and said accurate site data for existing installations as described, 3D laser scan surveys are conducted and completed.


Manufacturing Plant CAD 3D Model


Detailed installation general arrangement drawings and material lists can be easily generated from 3D models, utilising the 3D model as the source for drawing production ensures fully coordinate views created rapidly.

Water Plant Building Services Coordination Models


During the design development process, the 3D model is issued for review around relevant design reviews in a format which can be easily navigated using free downloadable viewing software.

The final model can be issued in the same format containing hyperlinks allowing the user to navigate the model freely and select equipment to view relevant data sheets, maintenance instructions, schedules, drawings, etc. All information being accessible from the 3D model.

Hyper Reactor 3D Model


ISO Layout Diagram Reactor Layout Diagram. Originally by Hope Draughting


Flythroughs & Animations

In addition to generating fixed camera path fly-throughs of 3D models Engenda Group can also produce animations of equipment maintenance and operational procedures. As such, these animations can be used for identifying and resolving problems around equipment maintenance procedures, construction sequencing, etc. along with being a beneficial tool for reference and training.

Often when the final 'as built' model is complete and issued to a client, it is hyperlinked to animation files allowing users to roam models via free viewing software and select items to watch relevant procedures being performed.


Plant Augmented Reality

The link below is to works completed by Engenda Group. It details a partial 3D laser scan of a chemical plant which allowed the virtual modelling and coordinating of new works plus the generation of installation drawings thereafter. (Immersive Via Oculus rift or similar)


The experience garnered by the Engenda Group ensures this technology, full or partial and its mythology is transferable across multiple industry sectors and into the built environment thus supporting:

  • Mechanical 2D and 3D CAD (were project size does not support the production of a 3D Model, Engenda Group offer the services of an experienced 2D draughting section)
  • Electrical Schematic Diagrams & Building Services Layout Drawings
  • Building Services Co-ordination (ductwork, pipework, tray work)
  • BIM Modelling
  • GA Drawing Generation
  • Isometric drawings for fabrication

In order to maintain consistency and assure quality, all work produced is carried out in-house with Engenda Group owned scanning equipment and skilled technicians. The team of technicians includes specialists in piping, steelwork and building services along with mechanical and electrical installation experience. Please reach out to discuss your requirements or for further information.


Click here to view panoramic 3D Model