Oil & Gas / Petrochemical


In a dynamic global industry like the oil and gas sector, managing costs and extracting the most value possible from current assets and maximize up-time are essential.

Engenda Group are equipped to assist in improvements in production. Translating into increased efficiency and productivity.

Whether you would like to reduce your energy consumption, upgrade legacy systems or make better use of the data you generate, Engenda bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to help you remain competitive in a dynamic industry landscape.

Engenda Group (trading as Clark Eriksson) have been delivering projects in the Petrochemical Sector for over 25 years.  We have performed Projects for a variety of Petrochemical Companies, namely BP/Ineos in Grangemouth and ExxonMobil in Mossmorran.



BP and Ineos

Engenda Group (trading as Clark Eriksson) have provided Engineering and Design Services to BP and Ineos in Grangemouth for over 15 years.  We have provided services in Mechanical/Piping, Instrument/Electrical and Civil/Structural.  We delivered a major line walking project, for Critical Piping Inspection Isometrics.   More recently we have been appointed as Design Services Provider for projects at the Ineos Finnart, Deep Sea Terminal, and in 2011 we were awarded a 2 year contract for EPCM Services to the Ineos site at Grangemouth and Finnart, we continue to provide this service to date.




Engenda Group (trading as Clark Eriksson) provided project engineering, detailed design and engineering to the Fife Ethylene Plant (FEP) for over 25 years.  The design services were in Mechanical/Piping, Instrument/Electrical and Civil/Structural.  More recent projects were associated with Control Room Replacement, using InTools, which was a major instrumentation cut-over project involving 4 new control room panels.  This project was undertaken to ensure minimal plant downtime.